5 Medical Applications that can be 3D Printed

5 Medical Applications that can be 3D Printed

3D printing in medicine has been on the increase. Priory Press are interested in the advances in the field. As it gets more popular who knows what Printing firms like our may be expected to produce. The field is open to possibilities beyond our finances at the moment.  Here’s a  list of objects that have already been successfully printed in this field demonstrates the potential that this technology holds for healthcare in the near future.

Low–Cost Prosthetic Parts

This work is also being driven quite significantly by two major organisations, Robohand and E-Nable, whose 3D printable prosthetics have proliferated with wild success.

Medical Models

A group of researchers in China and the US have printed models of cancerous tumors to aid discovery of new anti-cancer drugs and to better understand how tumour devlop and grow. There are numerous examples of using medical scan data to 3D print implants made bespoke.


A modified a ProMetal 3D printer to bind chemicals to a ceramic powder, creating intricate scaffolds that promote the growth of bone in any shape. Work on this is still being developed.

Heart Valve

Cornell University in the USA, has 3D printed a heart valve that will soon be tested in sheep.


3d-printed-cardiac-modelThe USA has developed a printer that can print skin suitable for application straight onto the wounds of burn victims.