Amateur photographers seek out print suppliers

Amateur photographers seek out print suppliers

Both quality and paper choice are key issues for amateur photographers looking for a professional finish. So it’s an interesting phenomenon that non-professionals are choosing High Street and smaller printers to help them achieve a better finished product than a normal photo-processer would.

At Priory Press we are able to help you choose from a range of products and advise on new products or papers.  Increasingly, we expect it to become a key part of the printer’s role.

Photographers are looking for great print quality, customer service and an understanding of their work. It’s an essential part of the process.

General knowledge by consumers of the print process is on the increase but still has a long way to go. While much of the work is currently going to high end fine art printers lowering their sights slightly, there has also been a move from the larger W2P operators to corner these customers. For example, Photobox has, for some time now, run Pro accounts, offering customers the chance to store and display their work and to sell it. 

These extra services are increasingly important as the competition increases. images-2

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