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Bank of England Prints Polymer Bank Notes

Priory Press is interested in the news that the Bank of England is to reveal the full design of the new £5 note, England’s first polymer note, on 2 June. The concept designs for the new £5 and £10 notes,

Recycled Paper Bridge

Have a look at artist Steve Messam’s latest installation commissioned by Lakes Culture in the Lake District National Park in the UK.  Messam has created a temporary, recyclable bridge made out of 20,000 sheets of red paper. Eyecatching or what?

Top 10 Longest Novels of All Time

Priory Press has undertaken some giant jobs in the past, but try to imagine for a second the scale of printing these giants en-masse. For your reading pleasure: THE TOP 10 LONGEST NOVELS OF ALL TIME! Also have any of

The Ten Weirdest Things Ever Made With a 3D Printer

This article will blow your mind.

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Woodland Trust Project to Reintroduce Pine Martens to the British Wilds

Priory Press team is heartened to learn of the reintroduction of pine martens to our woodlands in the UK. The pine marten population in England and Wales is so low as to be functionally extinct– in other words, the species

Who is the Printers’ Devil?

The Printers’ Devil was a term used for a printshop-based skivvy. Traditionally, male, he would perform a number of tasks for the master printer such as fetching type, mixing inks and all number of prepartory tasks. This role was populated