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Bank of England Prints Polymer Bank Notes

Priory Press is interested in the news that the Bank of England is to reveal the full design of the new £5 note, England’s first polymer note, on 2 June. The concept designs for the new £5 and £10 notes,

How To Make Paper From a Tree

Everybody knows that paper is made from trees, bees make honey and ants make sugar (hang on…) but have you ever thought about the actual process that goes into making it? There’s an almost alchemic process to making paper as

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The Best Royalty Free Image Sites

Following on from last week’s blog about copyright and the use of other peoples photographs to promote your business, we’ve had a look around on the internet to find the best ‘royalty free’ image libraries.  Stipends and rates vary from

Print a City

Since the arrival and expansion of 3D printing on a downloadable and altogether mind blowing scale (size and material-wise), it would seem that if you have the right hardware, there are no limits to what you can build / produce.

Digital vs. Lithographic Printing – Which Is The Best For You?

Priory Press often gets asked by our customers what the main differences between Digital and Lithographic printing are?  Whilst both options have their very specific ‘pros and cons’ they are both defending their respective corner to stay relevant.  Knowing the