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Join Woodland Trust’s Tree Register

One of the UK’s oldest and biggest wild pear trees has been chosen by the British public as ‘Tree of the Year 2015’ as reported by the Woodland Trust this week. The winning tree is based in Cubbington, Warwickshire. Known


The use of ink can be traced back about 40,000 years. Ink colouration to enhance imagery and tell stories predates writing. The oldest caves paintings are found in El Castillo, Spain and Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The first paintings to depict the

Top 10 Longest Novels of All Time

Priory Press has undertaken some giant jobs in the past, but try to imagine for a second the scale of printing these giants en-masse. For your reading pleasure: THE TOP 10 LONGEST NOVELS OF ALL TIME! Also have any of

The Best Royalty Free Image Sites

Following on from last week’s blog about copyright and the use of other peoples photographs to promote your business, we’ve had a look around on the internet to find the best ‘royalty free’ image libraries.  Stipends and rates vary from

Know Your Weight! Know Your Size!

Priory Press know from experience that your choice of paper can help bring images vividly to life and literally add weight and authority to your printing. It may seem like a pretty straightforward subject but we guarantee that understanding standard

Digital vs. Lithographic Printing – Which Is The Best For You?

Priory Press often gets asked by our customers what the main differences between Digital and Lithographic printing are?  Whilst both options have their very specific ‘pros and cons’ they are both defending their respective corner to stay relevant.  Knowing the