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Join Woodland Trust’s Tree Register

One of the UK’s oldest and biggest wild pear trees has been chosen by the British public as ‘Tree of the Year 2015’ as reported by the Woodland Trust this week. The winning tree is based in Cubbington, Warwickshire. Known

August’s Tree of the Month – The Common Apple Tree (malus pumila)

The common apple tree is a member of the rose family. It is native to western Asia and it spread to Europe in ancient times by traders. It was introduced to the Americas in the 18th Century. Priory Press has

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How To Make Paper From a Tree

Everybody knows that paper is made from trees, bees make honey and ants make sugar (hang on…) but have you ever thought about the actual process that goes into making it? There’s an almost alchemic process to making paper as

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UK Copyrighting Laws for Images.

Priory Press gets asked about copyrighting images from time to time. It’s important that companies know when they have to credit or buy licensing rights to producing other people’s photographs in their promotional material. As most of us know it’s

July’s Tree of the Month – Paperbark Maple (acer griseum)

The paperbark maple is an interesting species of tree. Specimens are often found in small gardents or at the edge of wooded areas. Priory Press has picked this tree as it’s not your obvious candidate for selection, yet its a

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Woodland Trust Project to Reintroduce Pine Martens to the British Wilds

Priory Press team is heartened to learn of the reintroduction of pine martens to our woodlands in the UK. The pine marten population in England and Wales is so low as to be functionally extinct– in other words, the species

Know Your Weight! Know Your Size!

Priory Press know from experience that your choice of paper can help bring images vividly to life and literally add weight and authority to your printing. It may seem like a pretty straightforward subject but we guarantee that understanding standard

Digital vs. Lithographic Printing – Which Is The Best For You?

Priory Press often gets asked by our customers what the main differences between Digital and Lithographic printing are?  Whilst both options have their very specific ‘pros and cons’ they are both defending their respective corner to stay relevant.  Knowing the

Welcome to Priory Press’ Brand New Weekly Blog.

Welcome to Priory Press’ brand new weekly blog. Based in Dunstable, Priory Press is a leading printer working with businesses throughout Luton, Milton Keynes and the rest of Bedfordshire. With over 20 years of experience our expert printers specialise in