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European forests have been growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day!

Priory Press has a vested interest in renewable sources for all the paper we use. News items like this always make us stop and take pause for better or worse. Here’s an interesting factoid that indicates that Europe is pushing

Amateur photographers seek out print suppliers

Both quality and paper choice are key issues for amateur photographers looking for a professional finish. So it’s an interesting phenomenon that non-professionals are choosing High Street and smaller printers to help them achieve a better finished product than a

5 Medical Applications that can be 3D Printed

3D printing in medicine has been on the increase. Priory Press are interested in the advances in the field. As it gets more popular who knows what Printing firms like our may be expected to produce. The field is open

Bank of England Prints Polymer Bank Notes

Priory Press is interested in the news that the Bank of England is to reveal the full design of the new £5 note, England’s first polymer note, on 2 June. The concept designs for the new £5 and £10 notes,

Epson unveils the world’s first in-office paper recycling system!

Can it be true? Will this device be a common site within offices across the land. It’s not entirely unthinkable is it that one of the planet’s best known manufacturers of print technology should devise such a machine? Called the


The use of ink can be traced back about 40,000 years. Ink colouration to enhance imagery and tell stories predates writing. The oldest caves paintings are found in El Castillo, Spain and Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The first paintings to depict the

Recycled Paper Bridge

Have a look at artist Steve Messam’s latest installation commissioned by Lakes Culture in the Lake District National Park in the UK.  Messam has created a temporary, recyclable bridge made out of 20,000 sheets of red paper. Eyecatching or what?

Paper Bags: Will Your Business Charge Customers 5p For Plastic Bags?

Will Your Business Charge Customers 5p For Plastic Bags? If so, have you considered replacing your company carrier bags with paper bags? Not only are you contributing to the welfare of our planet but it’s also an opportunity to show

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Inventor of the Printing Press

Who invented the printing press? You’d be surprised at how often this question comes up in a pub quiz. The answer was Johanes Gutenberg. The first printing press was developed in the 15th Century in around 1440 in Germany. He

How To Make Paper From a Tree

Everybody knows that paper is made from trees, bees make honey and ants make sugar (hang on…) but have you ever thought about the actual process that goes into making it? There’s an almost alchemic process to making paper as

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