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Saddle Stitching

How does Saddle Stitching work? Saddle Stitiching is probably the most common binding method. It is the process of binding pages together using staples known as stitches along the spine. This is a straightforward method for printing documents of up

Halloween and Paper

Not quite as synonymous with  the seasonal juggernaut Christmas, paper and card can be put to a lot of uses at Halloween. Think of all the wonderful decoartions and costume accessories you can make from them. It’s a brilliantly creative

Paper Bags: Will Your Business Charge Customers 5p For Plastic Bags?

Will Your Business Charge Customers 5p For Plastic Bags? If so, have you considered replacing your company carrier bags with paper bags? Not only are you contributing to the welfare of our planet but it’s also an opportunity to show

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Why Printing Is a Great Learning Tool

Priory Press is definitely entralled with the ‘tech’ that comes out almost weekly and we do wonder if the need to have a printed hard copy of our labours will one day become a thing of the past. But as

The Best Royalty Free Image Sites

Following on from last week’s blog about copyright and the use of other peoples photographs to promote your business, we’ve had a look around on the internet to find the best ‘royalty free’ image libraries.  Stipends and rates vary from

UK Copyrighting Laws for Images.

Priory Press gets asked about copyrighting images from time to time. It’s important that companies know when they have to credit or buy licensing rights to producing other people’s photographs in their promotional material. As most of us know it’s

Print a City

Since the arrival and expansion of 3D printing on a downloadable and altogether mind blowing scale (size and material-wise), it would seem that if you have the right hardware, there are no limits to what you can build / produce.

Know Your Weight! Know Your Size!

Priory Press know from experience that your choice of paper can help bring images vividly to life and literally add weight and authority to your printing. It may seem like a pretty straightforward subject but we guarantee that understanding standard

Digital vs. Lithographic Printing – Which Is The Best For You?

Priory Press often gets asked by our customers what the main differences between Digital and Lithographic printing are?  Whilst both options have their very specific ‘pros and cons’ they are both defending their respective corner to stay relevant.  Knowing the