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5 Medical Applications that can be 3D Printed

3D printing in medicine has been on the increase. Priory Press are interested in the advances in the field. As it gets more popular who knows what Printing firms like our may be expected to produce. The field is open

Epson unveils the world’s first in-office paper recycling system!

Can it be true? Will this device be a common site within offices across the land. It’s not entirely unthinkable is it that one of the planet’s best known manufacturers of print technology should devise such a machine? Called the

Recycled Paper Bridge

Have a look at artist Steve Messam’s latest installation commissioned by Lakes Culture in the Lake District National Park in the UK.  Messam has created a temporary, recyclable bridge made out of 20,000 sheets of red paper. Eyecatching or what?

Why Printing Is a Great Learning Tool

Priory Press is definitely entralled with the ‘tech’ that comes out almost weekly and we do wonder if the need to have a printed hard copy of our labours will one day become a thing of the past. But as

Print a City

Since the arrival and expansion of 3D printing on a downloadable and altogether mind blowing scale (size and material-wise), it would seem that if you have the right hardware, there are no limits to what you can build / produce.

Know Your Weight! Know Your Size!

Priory Press know from experience that your choice of paper can help bring images vividly to life and literally add weight and authority to your printing. It may seem like a pretty straightforward subject but we guarantee that understanding standard

Digital vs. Lithographic Printing – Which Is The Best For You?

Priory Press often gets asked by our customers what the main differences between Digital and Lithographic printing are?  Whilst both options have their very specific ‘pros and cons’ they are both defending their respective corner to stay relevant.  Knowing the