Epson unveils the world’s first in-office paper recycling system!

Epson unveils the world’s first in-office paper recycling system!

Can it be true? Will this device be a common site within offices across the land. It’s not entirely unthinkable is it that one of the planet’s best known manufacturers of print technology should devise such a machine?


Called the PaperLab, users put waste paper in one end, and then new, bright white printer paper comes out. Epson says this process is more efficient than sending paper to an off-site recycling plant, and it’s also much more secure. The PaperLab, which breaks paper down into its constituent fibres before building them back up into new sheets, is one of the most secure paper shredders that money can buy.

Within three minutes of adding waste paper to the PaperLab, it starts pumping out perfectly white sheets of new paper. The system can produce around 14 A4 sheets of paper per minute, or 6,720 sheets in an eight-hour workday. The PaperLab can also produce A3 paper too.

Now what do you think of that?  The PaperLab will go on sale in Japan sometime in early 2016 with other regions possibly coming joining later. Epson hasn’t said a word about price, but it’ll likely be very, very costly to buy (think £50,000+).