European forests have been growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day!

Priory Press has a vested interest in renewable sources for all the paper we use. News items like this always make us stop and take pause for better or worse. Here’s an interesting factoid that indicates that Europe is pushing back and planting huge numbers of trees. Compared to the amount harvested in South America daily this is a drop in the ocean but it’s still movement in the right direction.

TWOSIDES_1-®Holly Sims

“The main raw materials, trees, are grown and harvested in a carefully controlled and sustainable way – so successfully that European forests, where most of the raw material comes from, have grown by an area the size of Switzerland in just 10 years. Paper is a uniquely renewable and sustainable product. In some countries, particularly in the tropics, there are issues over land rights and natural forest conversion to industrial plantations that are a cause of concern to the paper industry, NGOs and consumers alike. In northern Europe, where almost all ancient Forests are protected, paper comes from managed semi-natural forests where the cycle of planting, growing and logging is carefully controlled. Historical concerns in northern Europe and Canada have now been largely resolved through co-operation between legislators, campaigners and forest industries to protect ancient forests.” –

What do you think should happen to deal with difficult countries?