How do you print on fabric material?

Flag and Textile Sublimation Printing

The most frequent use of sublimation technology is the production of flags, hot air balloons, airplane towed banners, interior textile images, carpets, sunshades, textile banners, etc. It is almost impossible to name them all and we are sure you will come up with many other ideas that can be printed on! The print is chemically stable and does not irritate skin. Its durability is limited only by the textile that was used in the first place.


The final printed product has excellent colors, is waterproof, UV proof and resistant to mechanical damage because the image is not only on the surface but ink is dyed into deep layers of the material.  Generally speaking, sublimation technology can be used under the following conditions:

  • The material or its surface finish is made of: polyester (PES), polyamide (PA 6, PA 6.6), polyacrylate (PAN), triacetate (CTA)
  • The materials have to contain at least 65% of one of the above substances.

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