Why Printing Is a Great Learning Tool


Priory Press is definitely entralled with the ‘tech’ that comes out almost weekly and we do wonder if the need to have a printed hard copy of our labours will one day become a thing of the past. But as the trusty ‘paper’ book has proved the printed word has endured and continues too.

Tablets, iPads, Kindle and other devices are almost commonplace in homes, schools and universities. Priory Press thinks that it’s amazing to experience such an array of interactive learning.

But print, paper and pencil still retain their place particularly in the school and university. They are still an essential tools in the learning process.

Ever wondered how ‘print learning’ can achieve goals where digital technology cannot?

Priory Press are obvious envoys for all things print and we are keen to tell people about its benefits. The below list highlights how print is still an integral part of learning and literacy.


  1. Learning to write benefits academic performance.
  2. Children remembered more details from stories that they read on paper than ones they had read in e-books with interactive animations, videos and games.
  3. When children composed text by hand, they produced more words quicker than on a keyboard and expressed they more ideas.
  4. Students reading print achieve better results in reading comprehension tests than those who read digitally.
  5. 90% students preferred paper to computer when studying.
  6. Students read printed matter quicker.
  7. Students experience less mental fatigue when reading print – it takes more effort to concentrate and yield meaning when reading from a computer screen.
  8. Students experience less eye fatigue when reading print.
  9. Students find it easier to concentrate on print.
  10. Laptops offer more distractions to students note taking.


photo from cnet