Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching
How does Saddle Stitching work?

Saddle Stitiching is probably the most common binding method. It is the process of binding pages together using staples known as stitches along the spine. This is a straightforward method for printing documents of up to 48 pages.

Why should I use saddle stitched?

It is the ideal solution for printing smaller booklets such as your annual reports, magazines, and brochures, and other short paper programmes.


What size should my saddle stitched booklet be?
There is a variety of choices. You can choose any size from A4 portrait, 1/3 A4 portrait, A5 portrait or landscape, or 210 x 210mm square.

What paper can I use for saddle stitched booklets?
You can have a silk, gloss or uncoated in a range of weights and thicknesses and we recommend you laminate your cover for a quality finish.


• Silk coated paper has a smooth feel with a discreet surface sheen. It offers excellent ink to paper contrast and printed colours appear distinct and clear. A recycled option is available. (130gsm – 350gsm)

• Gloss coated paper has a shiny surface and very smooth finish. Colour is sharp and stands out well. Ink dries quickly and the need for lamination is reduced. (130gsm – 350gsm)

• Our premium uncoated paper is more absorbent than coated papers. Printed inks appear flatter due to this absorbency and the paper has a soft finish. A recycled option is available. (100gsm – 350gsm)

• Matt lamination gives a soft, contemporary effect. Gloss lamination gives a higher quality shine finish than gloss card. Lamination is most useful with solid colours or images to enhance their vibrancy or where you want to protect your printed documents.


Can my saddle-stitched booklets and documents be printed digitally?
Of course! One of the many benefits of digital printing is that you can print the exact amount that suits your needs, from a short run to a large quantity. Get in touch with our expert print team to find out how digital printing will work best for you.